Build a gas fire pit
Installation instructions for installing a gas fire pit build a gas fire pit
Build a gas fire pit in your back yard. Your fire pit can be as simple as stones placed in a circle with your
gas line in the middle protruding a few inches out of the ground. Fill in under the burner with gravel then
cover the burner with lava rock granules (small pea sized). More complex gas fire pits have been built
using concrete. From a simple sunken hole in a patio to elaborate raised fire pits. Rectangular burners
have been used for a unique fire pit. Your fire pit can round, square or even triangular in design it's all up
to your imagination and the unique landscape of your outdoor living room.  You don't have to posses an
engineers degree to build a gas fire pit. A few options for installing a gas fire ring.  The diagram shows
you how simple the installation is. Make sure you install a shut off valve within 3ft of the fire pit.  
Remember your stainless steel fire ring is sold as a fire ring only. This is because there are many
variations for installs and every situation is different. Glass has become popular for use with fire pits. You
can find the best prices at your local aquarium store. Glass has been used for colorful gravel for years. It
is the same product that is being used for fire pits.
Pictures of installed fire pit rings from our customers
above ground gas fire pit with a fire ring and glass fire ring and fire glass gas fire pit Gas fire pit with logs and fire ring
rectangular gas fire ring for LP or Natural gas
Gas fire rings come in round or
rectangular styles. Using a rectangular
fire ring in a round fire pit will ad a
unique effect to the flame pattern.
Burners can be used with both natural
gas or LP gas. Remember to run a
large enough gas line for proper
BTU's. Running a smaller gas line will
result in less pressure and lower
round gas fire ring for LP propane or natural gas
in ground gas fire pit using a round fire ring and ceramic logs Gas fire pit with lid make sure you have extra seating for your friends
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